Sometime Saturday morning I received a text message ‘we’re up Brands today, pop by if you’re at a loose end!’.
The text was from Terry of ZeroPointOne and he’s been tinkering with an old Mk5 Golf GTI. Despite the weather forecast of cold wet weather I grabbed a camera, a 135 and a 24 mm lens along with a couple of flash guns and a tripod, thinking it’ll be dark soon maybe there’s an opportunity for some car pictures with lights! There was a few lads and lasses already there giving Terry some encouragement along with some well mannered abuse! It was now raining and the car was sitting on dry tyres, so a quick swap to the wets and with half an hour of usable daylight left out on track we got back out there!  
With the 135mm lens I grabbed a few standard track shots from the back of the garages and pit wall.
Then as the light fell to nothing the sessions ended and we started to pack up. This left me a few minutes to set up a couple of flash guns with coloured gels.
Light stands next time! And whilst I had the lights setup I grabbed a shot of this E92 M3
There was also this lovely Lancia Fulvia HF there!
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