What is it with Bluebells? Each year I think oh yeah same old boring images, but the sight of a woodland blanketed with bluebells is amazing to see, right??
So I try each year to take a slightly different perspective on these delicate little flowers that to me signify that Spring is finally here and a reminder that the warmth of summer is not far away. It’s also a great excuse for a healthy stroll!! Anyway here’s a couple of images from this year!
Kit used in these images, Canon EOS M6 + EF 100mm macro lens mounted using an adapter for one walk & Canon EOS 5D + EF 100 macro lens and EF 135 lens on other walks.
The longer lens, generally anything greater than 70ish, and more the better, optically compresses the images, pulling the subject closer without distortion, also eliminating distractions, it’s why portrait photographers always have a fast long lens in their kit.
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