Hibernation, a physical phase of minimal activity and metabolic depression. 
I googled it and it seemed the right description for the past 5 or so weeks. The Covid Lockdown really biting home, stopping all socialising, with entertainment and hospitality at a full stop, peoples lives and livelihoods at risk. Me, I’ve been working the day job, a little too hard perhaps, but needs must and what else am I going to do ! Weekly Zoom calls with a close group of friends have been a real benefit. But the isolation really is biting hard. 
The recommended solution is to take a daily walk. Well that was fine but recently the local pathways have become superhighways such that the rain and foot traffic has rendered most into a gloopy muddy mess. Nothing enticing about that. Alternative, walk the streets, and that too doesn’t excite me enough to get out regularly.
I am lucky, I do not live alone. I have company, who also has been working from home during the covid pandemic. So I have someone to talk to, listen to, get out for a walk with, cook together and eat together. But the conversations are getting shorter and shorter, because we are running out of topics. 
We will survive though. But for how I am hibernating, as defined by google as minimal activity and metabolic depression, and I’ll add, also trying to avoid mental depression!
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