January is often a slow quiet month, spent recovering from the excesses of Christmas, and this January hasn't started that differently to most others, except as the country finds itself in Covid Lockdown, and the need for a daily exercise walk now becoming a regular part of normal life! I've found myself walking regularly, continuing to seek inspirations for my photography, my walking motivator and companion has also been the subject on occasion which has helped to add a human factor. 
We've explored further afield on some interesting circular walks and some walks to potential viewpoints for the occasional sunset. So far January has been quite colourful.
I'm continuing with the one camera one lens approach, mixing things up, so that one walk may be with a 24mm, or a 100mm lens, or somewhere in between, to force me to look for alternative compositions, and this approach has produced pleasing and rewarding images from a not so different January to many other Januarys.
Stay safe, spring will soon be here and with it will come Mother Natures riot of colour as the countryside wakes up from it's winter dormancy. 
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