As the skies today were bright and clean I wondered if there would be an interesting sunset over London. From outside the airfield/campsite next to Brands Hatch there is a good view across London, well it's skyline from Canary Wharf in the East all the way across to the West at least and I've been lucky in the past to capture some magical light washing across it.  
The skies were clean, as they often are following rain which 'washes' all the pollution detritus out of the atmosphere, but the sunset was, well, let's just say nice. It was nothing spectacular as I had hoped for, oh well, never mind eh!! I took a couple of images anyway, and one of the Waxing Moon in the middle of the Blue Hour. 
Kit used, Canon EOS 5DsR, EF 100-400 Lens, 2 stop ND filter to try balance the sky to the foreground (foreground still needed lifting in LR), and keeping it steady a Gitzo Series 4 Mountaineer Tripod.
Settings, Shutter Speed 0.8 sec (moon 0.5sec) , Aperture f/11, ISO 100
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