The smallest of Lombardy’s four major lakes, Iseo, somehow resisted the limelight focused on it's neighbouring, more famous bodies of water Como and Garda, hardly known at all outside Italy, it offers a mix of daily life, commerce and tourism all gently interwoven around the narrow alleys and streets of the capital town giving the lake its name, Iseo.  We found this a nice spot to relax and recharge ourselves after a few long days on the bike, getting across central Europe and the Alps. A day wandering on foot, taking in the history and the views, enjoying the cuisine all worked to ease us into the next couple of weeks of this tour. 
Camera kit used - Canon EOS M6 with EF-M 22mm f/2 & EF-M 15-45 kit lens (this rarely gets used on the M6 as most of the time the little 22mm pancake lens is attached.
The EOS M6 is a discontinued compact mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Canon which has a limited range of native EF-M lenses, but with the aid of an adapter can use all of my EF lenses. It is a useful discrete travel/street photography camera that has good IQ and familiarity to it as a Canon DLSR user.
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